Bamix Blending Discs

Multipurpose Blade $8.99

The multipurpose blade or chopping blade comes with every Bamix Immersion Blender unit sold. Use it to for all your blending. See it mince hot soups in the pan, mix light doughs, and blend ice and frozen fruit smoothie in the video to the right.

Blending Blade $7.99

The blending blade is great for whipping mayo, creamy desserts, and mashed potatoes.

Aerating Blade $7.99

Whip cream, froth soup, egg whites into meringue, and skim milk into a lighter whipped cream substitute.

Slicing Blade $7.99

The slicing blade is great for mincing and cutting through tough fibrous foods. This helps you cook with whole foods. See how it can make salsas, purees, and pesto in the video to the left.